My Response: The California School Shooting

I am part of the School shooting generation. We are the first generation to grow up with regular school shooter drills. Mass shootings have become more and more common. While I could discuss the merits of gun control and the evidence that supports it, I want to respond to the most recent shooting.

Last week, a student walked into their high school and shot at his classmates randomly before killing himself. Two students lost their lives. I remember when Sandy Hook happened, and I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. But now, after hearing of multiple mass shootings, the shock is less. Instead of shock, I felt anger. The high school shootings the last few years, particularly Parkland, has affected me a lot due to the connection I have with the students who witnessed the shootings. I place myself in their position. Hearing the first shots, and the fear that washes over you as you identify the noise as a gun. Looking around the classroom, fearing that you all may die. Worrying about how your friends and family will handle your death. Wishing that you said goodbye to your family before rushing out the door to get to school. Like for other emotional times in my life, I wrote. I wrote poetry after Parkland as a way to express my anger for what keeps happening.

We are dying.
Our blood is being spilled.
We are crying.
Our friends are being killed.
Have you ever watched someone die?
They have.
Watch the light drain out of someone's eye?
They have.
You can't drink til your twenty-one.
But at eighteen you can get a gun.
A kid was able to buy a AR-15.
And with it created a murder scene.
This will not be tolerated.
We are getting frustrated.
How many more have to leave this earth
Before our lives have worth?

School shootings are NOT NORMAL around the world. But in the US it has become too common.

Want to support ending mass shootings in the US?

Donate to these organizations that are fighting gun violence.

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