Why Spain?

I get asked this question often. And I still don’t know how to answer it. But I will try to.


I have always been fascinated by Europe. It is so different than the US. I think I would enjoy the European lifestyle more than the American lifestyle. My love of Europe, even though I’ve never been to Europe, was cause for speculation for people. Luckily, my visit has only made me love Europe more. I also love the idea that I am a 5-hour train ride away from multiple countries. I could not only learn of Spanish culture, but I could also explore other cultures in Europe.


I think it is sad that a lot of people in the world are bilingual, but Americans feel they only need to speak English. Many expect others to learn our language, but we aren’t willing to do the same. So I knew I wanted to become bilingual. I gravitated to Spanish because it is highly used and would be beneficial to me in my life, even before deciding to move to Spain. I took a beginner Spanish class for a semester and excelled at it.

A Home in the City

I wanted to become exposed to different cultures, so I originally planned on attending a college in a big city. And I had trouble seeing myself in New York. Like my mom says, New York is an excellent place to visit but not a great place to live. It is very crowded and compressed. Madrid is a big city, but it is spread out and is a more relaxed environment.

US Doesn’t Feel Like Home

I love my family and friends. I am grateful for the privilege I was born into, but my health problems have stopped me from growing an attachment to my home. The US reminds me of everything I missed out on as a teenager. I don’t have an attachment to my country like other people, and I want a new start. Spain allows me to become fluent in Spanish, find a new home, and explore different cultures. I don’t feel I can get that in the US.

This is the best way I can explain why I am moving to Spain. While I don’t have a clear answer, I know in my gut that this is what I want to do with my life. I know I am making the right decision to move abroad.

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