Tips for Getting Ready With a Chronic Illness

Sit in the Shower

Showering takes ALOT of energy. Some people get shower chairs, but I have a shower tub, and I find shower chairs uncomfortable. I bought a bath pillow that I lean against while I sit. This makes showering SOO much easier.

Do Everything in Bed

Since my bathroom is next to my bedroom, I brush my teeth in bed and then go to the bathroom to spit. I usually take showers at night, so with that on top of being exhausted from the day, I have no energy. I keep a brush, hair serum, vaseline, lotion, face cream, and whatever else I might need in my nightstand.

Give Yourself Time to Get Ready

I technically spend probably a half an hour doing the actions of getting ready. But with my chronic illness, I need breaks between each step. I put on pants and take a 5-10 rest. haha. So I give myself 2 hours, so I have enough time to rest from each step. I also suggest being ready to go like half an hour before you have to leave, because traveling exhausts me. The last 30 minutes, I cherish. It gives me some extra resting time for the activity I have to do that day.

You Don’t Always Have to Dress Up for Everything

I am infamously known for my signature style, leggings and a baggy t-shirt tied up in the back with a hair tie. I will have to change that once I am in Spain, but while in the US, I am taking full advantage of it being socially acceptable to dress in loungewear. What is comfortable for me, may not be comfortable for someone else. Just dress what you feel most comfortable in, and if that is a dress or skirt with makeup on, then wear that. I just feel the most capable and comfortable makeup-free in my leggings and t-shirt. My life is hard enough, the last thing I need is an uncomfortable bra.

Prepare As Much As You Can the Night Before

I have adrenaline rushes mostly in the evening and night, so I do most stuff then. I clean, organize, do homework, feed my guinea pig, etc. For many with chronic illnesses, mornings are extremely hard. So if mornings are tough for you, prepare what you’ll need in the morning when you have the most energy, whether that be the afternoon, evening, or night. Keep a water bottle by your bed and a dose of your morning medicine as well. If it is too tiring to make breakfast in the morning, premake your breakfast to be reheated in the morning.

Sit Whenever You Can

Whenever the chance, sit down. Some steps you can do while sitting or leaning on something. Sit on the toilet or on a chair while doing your makeup or hair, or lean against the countertop while your food is cooking.

Be Patient!

Not having enough energy can be frustrating. It sucks not being able to carry out simple, daily tasks without your energy being drained. Don’t be hard on yourself. Set time to get ready where you won’t get rushed or stressed.

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