My POTS and EDS Tattoo

Since my diagnoses, I’ve wanted to get a tattoo to symbolize the hell I go through. I wanted it to focus on my EDS and POTS. The EDS mascot is a zebra and for POTS we use the spoon theory and call ourselves “spoonies”. So I mixed the two together. Since I’m a TERRIBLE artist and I wanted something original, I paid a freelance artist on Fiverr to draw it. She hit the nail on the first design. Below is the design.

With knowing what I want, I researched for tattoo shops. My mom required a consultation before we made an appointment. We found a place with great reviews and came for the consultation. After discussing the tattoo, I felt super comfortable with the tattoo artist. I told her about my health problems and she said to call my doctor to double check I’m fine with getting a tattoo. With the EDS, my mom was worried about if the tattoo would heal and age well, but she assured my mom it shouldn’t impact the tattoo. My mom read that I may have problems with red ink because of the higher potential of my mast cell reacting, but that wasn’t a problem since my design is in black.

We made an appointment as soon as we could, a month later (which kinda reassured more of the place since they have a lot of customer appointments).

An hour or so before the appointment, I ate a full meal and took some pain meds. They recommend having a full stomach when getting tattooed anyway, but I knew I had to to prevent any POTS symptoms which get worse when hungry.

While getting the tattoo, POTS wise I felt pretty fine. I was slightly sweating (but it was probably due to using my energy up tensing and squeezing my mom’s hands). The pain wasn’t too bad. I swore while getting it and had to hold and squeeze my mom’s hands. It felt like when you pull a hair out with a tweezer, but it was constant. It hurt then, but afterward I realized it wasn’t terrible and that I would consider getting another tattoo in the future. The tattooing was so fast, when she was done I thought she was taking break and was probably halfway through, but no she was done. It lasted only 30 minutes. I chose to get it down on my hip, it can easily be covered with underwear, which my mom required it to be hidden.

The healing process wasn’t bad and didn’t appear to be any different that the normal healing process. Below is my tattoo after an hour when I got home.

Now here is a picture about over a week later.

After 3-4 weeks, my tattoo fully healed. And I love it!! My experience was great and I’m definitely going to be getting more tattoos in the future.

The final product!

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