Researching on Going to College Abroad

In the US, researching colleges outside of the US is very difficult. Counselors are only informed about US universities. And any information about studying abroad is through American universities. I wouldn’t been able to consider the idea of getting an abroad Degree without the internet (Props to study abroad students in the past). With no help from school counselors, I was left to do my own research.

What to Research

I first looked for the requirements I would have to meet to study in Spain. I found that some may require you take the PCE. But I would email the universities.

Also, look at the degrees the university offers. If you are not fluent in the primary language, look for bilingual degrees or language programs (a lot offer language school courses online or at the university).

See how experienced the school is in having international students — the more information about it, the better. I was thinking of going to UCM, but there was little info online. When I visited, I found that the international office they had on their website didn’t exist anymore. Universidad de Navarra’s experience with having international students was a significant factor in my decision to apply.

Based on your level of the language, find schools that have programs or support that would support you the best. Some have buddy programs, international programs, language classes, and/or give you a mentor.

If you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, research the university’s record with the community, if there are clubs/organizations, or how they would make accommodations for you, if needed.

If possible, I highly recommend contacting the university and asking for a campus tour. Schedule the visit to be at least a year before you would attend, so you will have time to make arrangements after the visit.



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